Polymax Drives

High-Modulus Polyurethane Compound resists fatigue, wear, ozone and most environmental conditions.

Offers broad ambient temperature range of -65°F to 185°F for optimal heat resistant v-belt.

60° angle provides greater support to tensile section and allows for even load distribution for improved performance and life.

Precise Casting Method eliminates layers and overlaps for smooth running and no vibration and also offers superior tensile cord adhesion for a longer living and high fatigue resistant v-belt.

Ribbed Backing relieves bending stress on small diameter pulleys and provides greater lateral v-belt stability Multi Strand belts available.

Small Cross-Sections allows for smaller overall drive packages Operates on smaller sheave diameters with higher horsepower capacity for greater design freedom than conventional v-belts and supports high shaft speeds (in excess of 10,000 rpm).

Excellent Availability. All sizes normally available from stock.

Check PDF below for full range of sizes.

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Polymax Belts

Unique 60° angle polyurethane construction transmits greater loads at higher speeds in less space than conventional V-belts.

  • High-speed power transmission with low vibration
  • Compact design and cost efficient
  • Maintenance-free and stretch resistance
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Design freedom and space savings
  • Low maintenance cost as belt needs less re-tensioning.
  • Long belt life on compact drives
  • Interchangeable with Gates Polyflex ®

Polymax Drive Pulleys

New or replacement drive pulleys to suit single or multi-strand Polymax belts are available to order from our sister company APPLE GEARS. To request a quotation, click on the web link at the top of the page.

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